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All books available and coming soon from author Phillip Suarez are listed on this page. Watch for frequent updates as new books are added to the list and updates are made.

Queens Over Kings

In Queens Over Kings Phil returns to a crime story set in Youngstown, Ohio with a new protagonist. Cookie DiMarco answers a plea for help from his high school sweetheart to help find her missing younger brother. Set in 1952 in the still bustling steel town, Cookie must walk a fine line between the Youngstown Police Department and the local mob. He interacts with many characters previously introduced in the Frank Triano novels. There are beautiful women, rough thugs, and an unconventional sense of justice which leads to a shocking conclusion.

River of Bighorn

The author created a new hero who struggles to understand the fast-changing world around him in this story of love, devotion, greed, and battle. Phil ventures into another genre, taking us two hundred years after a devastating worldwide tragedy. This epic tale is full of fascinating characters, beautiful strong women, evil antagonists, and people willing to fight and die to protect their way of life in a struggling new world.

Shadow of a Crime

The Frank Triano Series, book number three. In 1955 two missing masterpieces are taken from a powerful man by a group of unknown men. Ten years later the victim of the heist learns of a lead to the group and send his henchman to find and kill the man responsible for the theft. The killer goes to Youngstown, which is in the middle of a mob war and leaves the bodies of two tortured mobsters in plain sight.

Shadow From the Stone

This fast-paced adventure takes an iconic fictional character on a long journey to Santa Fe. He meets historic characters, helps rescue a beautiful woman, and meets a mysterious healer. A chase across the enchanting vistas of New Mexico highlights this story of redemption.

Full book cover of The Last Prayer

The Last Prayer

In June of 1960 an elderly retired Roman Catholic priest is murdered in Beaufort, South Carolina and ten days later a retired detective is murdered in the same manner in Youngstown, Ohio.

Tommy Savala, once again, tells us another of his uncle’s adventures, as Detective Frank Triano tries to solve the murders of the two men.

Another wonderful novel. The interplay between two related plots contributes to a good pace and builds on anticipation in both stories. The author tells us the stories end but are not complete, leaving endless future possibilities

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Skating in the Moon Shadows

The bodies of three young African American women are discovered in 1959 Youngstown, Ohio over a period of a few weeks. Our narrator, Tommy Savala, tells the story of his uncle’s first major case. Frank Triano is a Mexican American Korean War hero, who uses his notoriety, family connections, and skills to become the youngest detective in the police department’s history.

This is a great read for anyone who likes a mystery. The characters are all so well covered that you think you must know them all personally by the end of the novel. Really enjoyed it!

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